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Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild

General Board Meeting

May 10, 2021

Call to Order: President, Marilynn Centa called the meeting to order at 10:00 am at The Quonset at Three Sisters Restaurant.

Daily Thought: Presented by Mary Filer

Welcome: One guest - Eva, Nonie's friend

May Birthdays: Kathleen Helm, Vicki Shafer

Minutes: Minutes of April 12 were approved as emailed to the membership and published on our website.

Today's secretary is Peggy Gonzales. Maryellen will take minutes in June.

Treasurers Report: General Account - Margaret-$4780 in checking including $2540 for retreat.

     Raffle Account- Maryellen-$3669.29 less ticket expense. Need to use these funds for programs.

Committee Reports:

Membership: 48 members signed up. New roster will come out soon.

2022 Raffle Quilt: Margaret showed the 2022 quilt top made by her and Mary F.  It was moved, seconded, and passed to name our quilt "My Blue Heaven".

Publicity: A picture of Deb Behringer, our charity quilt coordinator, and Elaine Davis, the volunteer coordinator for Mt. Rose Palliative/Hospice Center in Trinidad was in the Greenhorn Valley View showing one of our donation quilts. Sue Barcus took the picture and submitted it to the paper.

Programs: Mary - Covid has made arranging programs a little difficult since many presenters will not commit. Call or email program suggestions to Mary.

     June- Paper Piecing

LaVeta Quilt Show - Art in the Park: Linda B. made a motion for pay booth rent of $100 for this event. It was seconded and passed. Kate has signed us up for a July 3 and 4 booth for Art in the Park. The town committee has not made final plans for this event. We will pay later. Approximately 10 members volunteered to help with raffle ticket sales, and booth setup, take down each day.

Aguilar Days: Barb Kindig put us on a contact list for this event the beginning of August. Nothing definite yet. We will wait to hear from them.

2021 Quilting Retreat: Carolyn B. reported we have 27 signed up.

CCRC Donation: Sara Warren reported they received bids for $185 for carpet cleaning and $780 for linoleum cleaning. Since the linoleum bid is out of price range we decided to clean the carpet. The committee will make arrangements with Josh on a good time for this.

Charity: Deb gave a half dozen donation quilts to Toni for delivery to the Veterans home. Nancy and others have Quilt of Valor quilts available. Cathy from the Youth Center lost her husband. We will send a card. There were questions about paying for quilting to Charity Quilts. We have $500 allotted for this, and we pay $50 each. So far Mary F. has done 2 quilts and Shirley has done 4. Mary Vandeberg has volunteered to do some also.

New Business:

  • Janet presented the Behringer Europort Handheld PA system for the membership to consider. The cost is $129. Additional wireless microphones range from $79 to $119 for this set up.

Nancy S. moved to spend up to $300 to purchase this set including shipping. Seconded by Tommi. There was discussion about where the funds would come from for this expense since we usually leave funds for carry over for the next year and it was not in our budget. It was voted to Table this motion and take the issue to the Board to discuss and bring back to the general meeting next month.

Next Meeting: June 14, 2021.

The Annual Spring Tea followed.

Respectfully submitted by,

Peggy Gonzales, Temporary Secretary