and Bring & Brag


Program - November

Jan Shuping shared a "trunk show" of her quilting, things made over the past 40 years.  She enjoys making quilted pieces just because she likes them!  In no particular order, she showed us many whimsical pieces, her two President's Quilts (from her terms with Pride City), a lot of embroidery work (both hand and machine), some applique, and wool pieces.

August Speaker - Prof. Courtney Willis

Professor Willis was a wonderful speaker, giving us a very interesting history of the development of featherweight machines since 1933.  Collecting these machines has been his hobby since retiring .. he taught chemistry and physics at the high school level for 25 years before moving on to teaching physics and astronomy at the university level for another 25 years!  He brought about a dozen machines to show us, but when asked how many he has, it seems there are 150 in his basement!