and Bring & Brag



Date: April 11-2022


23 attended including 2 guests, Kathy Gipfert and the speaker Candice Merkle

Thought of day "I might look like I'm listening to you but in my head I'm sewing."

Treasure Report- $5,010.25 ending balance which includes money for retreat and leaves a remaining budget amount of $2,070.

Raffle Account-Cheri Walker(Maryellen) pretty much the same as last month.

ticket sales -pride city quilt show sold about $1,000. worth of tickets.

Walsenburg booth-July also April YMCA sell tickets.


RETREAT- Carolyn-September 19-21- Sign up-$50.00 Deposit -Single $277.00- Double $209.00-Triple-2 rooms available-$187.00(1 left)

We have 28 signed up so far need to but $50.00 deposits down if you haven't done so.

Program was Candice Merkle (Memory Quilts) and had a lot of good points for those of us that have never done one yet.

Charity quilts-Deb B can use more quilts. 10 walker bags went to Spanish Peaks.

Birthdays, Barb Heaton and Sandy Fundum

May Tea Comm.-Patty Kelley- Bonnie Pritchard-Carol Davis.

Bring a tea cup, placemat, 2 bingo gifts and a cute tea pot if you have one that you are willing to let the guild use for the tea.

1. Renee's husband is home and is much better.

New Business:

1.Statement of purpose was revised and approved by board.

Respectfully submitted by

Kathleen Helm

Bring 'n' Brag - April