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Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild 

August 14, 2023 

Meeting Minutes

Call to order 10:10a

Welcome thought, presented by Noni

Treasurer's report $9,395. of which $7692 is for the retreat leaving $1,400 to spend this year on budgeted items.

Raffle account balance $3211.68 plus $35 not yet deposited.  The raffle committee now has 3 members participating:  Cheri,       Sandy M and Shirley.  Two raffles will be held in 2024, one in July for smaller quilts and one in December for a Christmas quilt.

The two antique quilts that were purchased to be donated will be going to FFA and Sarah's House. The goal is for them to raffle them off and make money for their projects.

12 members have birthdays this month.  28 people attended the meeting.

Sara has requested that the borrowed books from the library be returned, including 2 books that are missing but not signed out.

Sept. program will be on old quilts. Members are asked to bring any old antique quilts to show. John Grimes will be coming to a meeting soon and will sharpen scissors for a small fee. He is a sewing machine repairman and is able to do older machines also.

Program committee now consists of Noni, Deb and Christine M. Guest speaker today was Marion Sorci.

Standing rule #8 was voted on and approved: All members must purchase $10.00 worth of raffle tickets each year.

New policy voted on and approved: To attend quilt retreat you have to be a paid member plus paid for your raffle tickets, and either be a volunteer for an event or meeting or have donated at least 1 charity quilt that year.

‚Äč* * OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE at the VFC Community Center, 4705 Santa Fe Dr.,  a couple of blocks from the Rec. Center.    Sandy M will put up signs to remind people and to help them find the new meeting place. Volunteers will meet the last Monday of this month to clean out the large cabinet at the Rec. Center and move it to VFC basement.

Respectfully submitted by

Kathleen Helm

September Program - Antique Quilts