Quilt Show

Now - on to the Show!

Here is our new quilt, Brown Sugar and Spice, for the Raffle on July 8, 2018. (NOTE the change of date)
It measures 102" x 102" - king bed size.

It was inspired by one shown by another member last year; the pattern is Spice Market by Vicky Wozniak.
Our quilt was machine pieced by guild member Mary Filer, and machine quilted by Cyndi McChesney.

Red White & Blue Twister.  (Mary F.)

Raffle Quilt

Viewer's Choice - Wallhanging

My Hollyhock Garden.  (Shirley S.)

Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild

American Spirit.  (Fay M.)

The Quilt Squad.  (Carol D.)

Viewer's Choice - Quilt

One little, Two little, Three Little Quilters.  (Carol D.)

Annual Quilt Show - 2017

One little, Two little, Three Little Quilters.  (Carolyn B.)

Cappucino Placemats.  (Mary F.)

‚ÄčOur next showing will be at the Southern Regional Quilt Show.

April 5-16, Mon-Sat, 10a-4p at the El Pueblo History Museum.

As always, tickets are $1 each or 6/$5.

Moose Shine.  (Linda B.)

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This year our annual show was held for two days in the LaVeta Community Center on Saturday and Sunday, July 1 and 2.  18 of our 50 members showed quilts this year!  We counted xxx visitors - but we know we missed some!

This year we offered our visitors three categories from which to choose a favorite - Quilts, Throws, and Wallhangings.

The Quilt Squad.  (Carolyn B.)

Chicken.  (Carolyn B.)

The Quilt Squad.  (Shirley S.)

Viewer's Choice - Throw

My Hollyhock Garden.  (Carol D.)

Chicken.  (Shirley S.)

My Hollyhock Garden.  (Carolyn B.)