Bordered Periwinkle.  (Mary F.)

Falling Leaves.  (Tommi L.)

Ghost.  (Carolyn B.)

All Star Baseball.  (Vicki S.)

Blue & Yellow Flowers.  (Tommi L.)

Gone Surfing.  (Ellen L.)

Batavian Batiks Day Tripper.  (Liz A.)

Tree.  (Carolyn B.) 

Quilt Show p.2

Grandmother's Choice.  (Ellen L.)

Rick & Deb's Old Jeans.  (Deb B.)

Pinkerton the Flamingo.  (Ellen L.)

Mystery Quilt.  (Tommi L.)

Lonestar.  (Rhonda K.)

Flowers.  (Carolyn B.)

Did you notice our wonderful new racks to display our quilts this year?

Besides avoiding marking the walls, they also allowed everyone to see the back of the quilts!