Getting ready for the Quilt Show?  Think about


Assumption:  Current Average price per yard of GOOD fabric is $11.00

One yard of fabric = 1440 sq inches

Compute the number of square inches in your quilt by multiplying Length x Width (will not include seam allowances)

Divide total square inches in quilt by 1440 to determine yards of fabric in quilt

Multiply that number by price per yard

Add a realistic figure for batting, thread, binding, backing

Multiply by 2   This will return your investment and give you $$ to buy more fabric!


Can you sell for that amount realistically?  Know your market.  Adjust price accordingly, and with consideration given to the points below. 


Cotton or Batik used   -   Batik is more expensive

Did you purchase Fabric on sale?   -   Adjust price per yard accordingly….or not!

Heavily quilted, or not?   -   More quilting=more time invested in project

Was it custom quilted? -   Custom quilting is pricier.  If you paid to have it quilted, add that cost.

Was it quilted Edge to Edge?  -  Less time, thread, and intrinsic value than custom. 

Add or subtract from total accordingly.


This pricing method is not a “business” model.  It will be good and fair for those who just want to get back their investment and make a little money.

Appraised value is something entirely different.  Appraised value will likely be MUCH more than you could sell a quilt for in our local markets.  It’s fun to have a favorite quilt appraised, and you will see the real value of your quilting efforts as judged by experts in the field.




Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild

The date for our Raffle has been changed!

It is now Sunday 8 July 2018, at 4:00p

at the conclusion of our Quilt Show in the LaVeta Community Center