Assumption:  Current Average price per yard of GOOD fabric is $11.00

One yard of fabric = 1440 sq inches

Compute the number of square inches in your quilt by multiplying Length x Width (will not include seam allowances)

Divide total square inches in quilt by 1440 to determine yards of fabric in quilt

Multiply that number by price per yard

Add a realistic figure for batting, thread, binding, backing

Multiply by 2   This will return your investment and give you $$ to buy more fabric!


Can you sell for that amount realistically?  Know your market.  Adjust price accordingly, and with consideration given to the points below. 


Cotton or Batik used   -   Batik is more expensive

Did you purchase Fabric on sale?   -   Adjust price per yard accordingly….or not!

Heavily quilted, or not?   -   More quilting=more time invested in project

Was it custom quilted? -   Custom quilting is pricier.  If you paid to have it quilted, add that cost.

Was it quilted Edge to Edge?  -  Less time, thread, and intrinsic value than custom. 

Add or subtract from total accordingly.


This pricing method is not a “business” model.  It will be good and fair for those who just want to get back their investment and make a little money.

Appraised value is something entirely different.  Appraised value will likely be MUCH more than you could sell a quilt for in our local markets.  It’s fun to have a favorite quilt appraised, and you will see the real value of your quilting efforts as judged by experts in the field.



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